We Transfer Tech – We Transfer Value
Global Fintech Solutions (GFS), is a leading one stop-shop for global financial institutions
seeking to usher in a new era in FinTech. Our goal is to help Financial institutions implement innovative
digital strategies, by incorporating the most advanced FinTech solutions into their core business
and generating new revenue streams.

By integrating financial technologies into high-growth markets, we generate positive ROI for investors,
while successfully delivering value and growth to our portfolio companies.
GFS revolutionary investment model doesn’t charge management fee, but rather delivers an innovative
investment model that not only helps our portfolio companies reach higher valuations but also returning
yearly dividends from GFS global sales activities.

GFS provides ‘Smart Money’ that goes beyond traditional funding. By delivering access to clients and closed
deals, we ensure a return on investment for our investment partners.

We invest into equity in core technologies of successful tech startups that are looking to attract big ticket
customers and generate revenue and sales in high-growth markets.
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GFS delivers a one-stop-shop solution for the digitalization and innovation of various core business
processes for banks and financial corporations. Like a tailor made suite, we fit our top-tier portfolio
technologies to offer the perfect solution to meet your bank’s evolving digital strategy needs.
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Our unique business development and sales platform provides top tier FinTech startups access to
more than 100 key accounts. GFS global offices provides our portfolio companies consulting, pre-sale,
sale, local marketing & PR, technical support, and all other services to help them attract clients which
may not be in their immediate target market, thus growing their business plan.

GFS delivers “smart money” that not only provides funding but also assists with scouting, nurturing
and closing big-ticket accounts across Europe and Asia.

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