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Our end-to-end solutions for banks and financial institutions include the digitalization of tasks and processes, client enhancement, data science and analysis as well as introducing new commision products.

Our solutions offer banks, retail, private investment banks, cyber security, HR, and SME departments the opportunity to implement the most innovative financial technologies available in the market today.  

With over 15 cutting edge companies in our portfolio such as Ezbob, Co Box, Hopon, Black Swan, CallVU, Scanovate, and more, GFS delivers and end-to-end solution for any challenge your financial institution may face.


HopOn is a unique cloud solution that makes it possible to instantly pay for public transport via a smartphone using ultrasonic signal transmission technology and Bluetooth. HopOn helps lower the expenses for equipment and ticket sales, reduces transport downtime during passenger boarding and supports the possibility of monitoring the system operation in real time.

Ezbob is a full-fledged network platform for lending to small and mid-sized business clients that automatically evaluates credit risks and possibility of lending, calculates the most suitable loan amount for the client and transfers the funds to their account without the need to visit a bank’s outlet and sign any documents.

The revolutionary automatic platform for foreign VAT reclaims and T&E.

White label – platform for banks and brokers, it allows selling market signals of the best world experts, Nasdaq is the key partner and client of the company.

On-line KYC taking this process to the next level of customer service with a secure, regulated, easy-to-use solution.

CoBoxapp is a platform for making group payments. CoBox allows groups of people to collect money in a single e-wallet, manage these funds and make joint purchases with them, regardless of what banks and payment systems service the accounts of its individual participants.

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