Our end-to-end solutions for banks and financial institutions include the digitalization of tasks and processes, client enhancement, data science and analysis as well as introducing new commision products.

Our solutions offer banks, retail, private investment banks, cyber security, HR, and SME departments the opportunity to implement the most innovative financial technologies available in the market today.  

With over 15 cutting edge companies in our portfolio such as Ezbob, Co Box, Hopon, Black Swan, CallVU, Scanovate, and more, GFS delivers and end-to-end solution for any challenge your financial institution may face.


Front-End Anti-Fraud instrument based on user behavior

Digital wallet for kids and teenagers

Cash collecting group wallet

Microservices-based API software for API integration & management

AI based technologies for Smart Deposit Insurance for SMBs doing trades with China and India

Compliance and KYC automation integrated platform

First and only POC-as-a-service platform powered by AI

Digital customer engagement platform that offers visually enriched interactive voice responses & forms

Tool for all-levels quality control in networks organizations

White label payment platform for merchants with Value Added Services

Front-End and Back-End system for ticketing and data collection

Provider of end-to-end, modular, digital lending solutions for lenders

Fully automated VAT refund operator for foreign travel expenses

Financial analysts’s performance evaluation integrated platform based on AI, machine learning and Big Data

Distant identity verification platform based on face/ID recognition and OCR with full KYC

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